We’re thankful for the recommendations the Flexo-Line has received over the years from Forbes, Wired, Business Insider,,  The Packing Book:  Secrets of the Carry-On Traveler, San Francisco Gate, Vancouver Sun, Toledo BladeVancouver Province as well as these:


“This is the best line…without worry of clothes blowing away.”
“Flexo-Line is fantastic…”
“Clothes pegs can be lost easily. You won’t need to worry about that with this Flexo-Line.”

Lite Adventurer

“One of the most useful travel gadgets I own is…the Flexo-Line…I’ve had mine for over 15 years, and it still looks and functions like it did on day one.”


“The longer I travel the more I value this product! I never go away for long without my Flexo-Line; it allows me to pack less as I can easily hand wash and quickly dry many items.”


“Flexo-Line Travel Clothesline:  On my three trips around the world, this is the item that got the most of a workout, besides my pack…I’m only on my second one in ten years.”

Travel & Escape TV

“…this is one of the best travel gear inventions of all time. The Flexo-Line…If you haven’t already got one, this ingenious piece of engineering should be top of your list.”

Said The Beaver

“Travel Clothes Line…I found the Flexo-Line the best, as the suction cup kind don’t always stay up.”

“We like the Flexo-Line because it stretches to various lengths, it’s light and compact and you don’t need clothespins!”

Toronto Star

“Smart and convenient, the Flexo-Line is the answer for those times when you’re hanging more than a pair of underwear to dry in your hotel bathroom…”

Trazee Travel

“My go to these days is the Flexo-Line…which best I can tell will last me until I forget it somewhere.”

“Looking for last minute stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life? Here is a list of must haves for any flight attendant…The Flexo-Line.”
Book of Joe
“For the strength to hold all your wet laundry, forget those cute little suction cup clotheslines. The Flexo-line holds up to 12 pounds of wet clothes…”

“Check out Jenia’s side of the story for packing for the round the world trip, as she gets into detail about…items that we thought are necessary like…Flexo-Line clothesline.”


“The following items will probably be necessary on your trip…Flexo-Line…”


“…put your money in a Flexo-Line. It’s great for hanging clothes.”

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