For over 70 years, the Flexo-Line has been a packing essential for leisure and business travelers, campers and hikers seeking to travel lightly. Thoughtfully designed, stretchy and simple to use, each Flexo-Line requires no clothespins. Carefully crafted using durable, high quality, lightweight materials, when used properly, our portable clothesline can last for years. The Flexo-Line is available in five colors:  blue, white, green, black and red.


Stretches up to 7 ft/2.1 m, holds up to 12 lbs/4.5 kg of wet clothing yet only weighs about 1 oz/35 g


Eliminates the need for clothespins, saves laundering costs and the hassles of finding a laundromat


Can be used while cruising, backpacking, camping, RVing, sailing and staying in hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, apartments & dorms


Made of surgical-quality natural latex rubber tubing with triple strand braids for extra grip


Is hand-washable, smooth, won’t snag delicate fabrics, and loops easily around doorknobs, hooks, trees or rods