Product Information

What is the Flexo-Line made of?
The Flexo-Line is made of triple strands of durable surgical latex rubber tubing. The loops on each end are made of high quality nylon. We often hear of customers who have had their Flexo-Lines for many years.

How long does the Flexo-Line stretch?
It stretches up to 7 feet/2.1 m.

How much weight can the Flexo-Line hold?
It can hold up to 12 lb or 5.4 kg of wet clothes. It’s recommended that you squeeze out as much water as possible from your wet clothes before hanging the from the Flexo-Line.

How much does the Flexo-Line weigh?
The Flexo-Line weighs about 1 ounce/35 grams.

How & Where to Use The Flexo-Line

How do clothes attach to the Flexo-Line if I’m not needing clothespins?
The Flexo-Line was designed so that clothes are kept in place by the triple braided tubing. Simply put the article of clothing in between the braids.

What can the Flexo-Line attach it to?
The Flexo-Line can be attached to sturdy, stationary objects such as hooks, poles, door knobs, trees, bed posts, rods and more.

How do I attach the Flexo-Line?
To attach the Flexo-Line, wrap one of the bottoms of the loops around a sturdy, stationary object. Thread the clothesline through the loop until the loop is snugly wrapped around the object. Attach the second loop to another sturdy, stationary object.

Where can I use the Flexo-Line?
The Flexo-Line can be used in a wide variety of places including: hotels, cruise ships, vacation rentals, apartments, RVs, campgrounds, boats, dormitories and more.

Purchasing The Flexo-Line

I’d like to make a bulk order for my group/company/organization. Who should I contact?
Please contact us.

I’d like to sell the Flexo-Line. Who should I contact?
Please contact us.

Product Care

How can I keep the Flexo-Line in good condition?
Natural rubber products can be damaged by ozone, heat & light. To increase the likelihood of your Flexo-Line lasting for years, store it away from direct sunlight by placing it in a box or bag. Avoid storing it in extreme temperatures – temperatures below 90°F (32°C) are preferable. As well, avoid leaving it stretched out for long periods of time.

Is the Flexo-Line washable?
Yes. It can be hand-washed with lukewarm water and mild soap.

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