Lloyd G. Copeman
Lloyd Groff Copeman

InventorThe Inventor – Lloyd G. Copeman

The Flexo-Line was invented in 1943 by the prolific American inventor, Lloyd Groff Copeman (1881-1956). Born of Canadian parents, Copeman was raised near Flint, Michigan and studied engineering at the former Michigan Agricultural College, now Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. He went on to receive over 600 patents including those for his inventions of the heat-regulated electric stove, automatic toaster and rubber ice cube tray.

InventionThe Invention of the Flexo-line

As Copeman travelled frequently, he saw the need for a portable clothesline. So, he devised a flexible, lightweight, packable braided one made of three strands of surgical quality latex rubber tubing and nylon loop ends. His clothesline stretched up to 7 feet and held wet clothing without clothespins. Copeman named it the “Flexo-Line”, and in 1945, he established The Flexo-Line Company. Few changes have been made to the original, and for over 75 years, we’ve remained dedicated to using the finest quality materials. The Flexo-Line continues to be a trusted packing essential of leisure and business travelers worldwide.



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